“Knowing Thyself is the beginning and end of all Wisdom.”


This page is for those in search of their Higher Calling. The ones who are ready to fulfill their soul’s purpose. Those who are ready to commit to themselves, and change their lives.

This is the Journey to the depths of yourself.

Here, you will discover the path of Ancient Wisdom passed down through a 3000 year old Lineage of spiritual teachings and initiations that unlock the answer to the most mysterious question known to man:


The Key to your own freedom is to KNOW THYSELF

You jailbreak the matrix by doing the Inner Work. The way Out, is In.

As you dive into the mysteries of your soul, you gain so much Wisdom and Understanding of yourself, the world, and the universe, you will begin to break away from the chains that have been holding you back and limiting your life. These teachings will give you the power and authority to navigate life with confidence and create a better world filled with Joy, Gratitude, and Purpose.

Through the path of ancient wisdom and Initiation, more Light will be brought into your being, which will shine in every area of your life. This Light can be perceived as positive energy, and it will radiate more awareness, joy, love, creativity, beauty, clarity, and so much more.

You may have already felt that deep pull from your soul yearning for some sort of change or transformation. If so, your path has already begun! The path to Know Thyself will lead you down the road to Freedom and Self- Mastery. Below, are steps that provide tools of empowerment to help you along your adventure!

Best wishes on your Journey.

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Are you ready to walk the path of an Initiate?

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These teachings have been handed down from mouth to ear, teacher to student, for thousands of years, dating all the way back to the time of King Salomon,

This unbroken Lineage takes gratification in keeping the teachings pure and Hermetic

Lineage is a key and important factor in determining the legitimacy, integrity and authority that an authentic Mystery School holds.

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To be a student of the Mysteries of the Universe, one must undergo the process of Initiation.

This sacred rite of passage unlocks the door to access ancient hidden Wisdom and Knowledge.

It serves as a declaration that you are ready and worthy to receive such Holy information.

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Healing is a vital part of Spiritual Progression.

Releasing past trauma, programming, attachments, and lower parts of the Self, allows a stronger and clearer connection to your Spirit.

Establishing this connection will align you with your Divine Blueprint which is your Life’s Purpose and your Soul’s Mission.

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The Modern Mystery School is in service to all of humanity to assist in the ascension of the human consciousness on this planet.

Our mission to to bring Heaven on Earth; To create Shamballa.

The school provides people with the tools and teachings they need in order to empower themselves and realize that they are their own greatest teacher, so that they may remember who they truly are.

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